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what we do



Limitless Opportunities

Cloud computing has brought huge shift towards Developing applications rapidly in current market conditions. With it, IT Infrastructure Maintenance is expensive, longer application development time, storage and security challenges.

App Development

Stonebridge App dev team has a good knowledge of IAAS, PAAS and SAAS environment and its working. Our team has good expertise in cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda and Redhat Cloud. StoneBridge has an impressive team of developers for App dev using Micro services architecture and deployment using Devsecops (CI/CD) methodology.

Migration Services

Stonebridge migration tech team has expertise in app migration between on-prem to cloud. The migration team consists of system, network security architects who can consult and present techno commercial solutions across cloud platforms and help guide in the decision-making process. The team can work alongside your inhouse team in application migration, database migration and support or maintain the application in cloud after migration. Our expert team can help you in data analytics using AI & ML approaches for data Analyses for effective and efficient operations.

Our service offerings

  • Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, Cloud Integration
  • Private cloud
  • Application migration between on-premises and Cloud
  • Techno commercial solution building
  • Data Analytics using AI & ML
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microservices Architecture
  • DevSecOps for mobile app and Cloud app development
  • Cloud maintenance and support


The Possibilities Are Endless

We are a leading IT Network consultant team to provide best possible network consultancy services. We have helped our customers across globe to build the best possible network for their IT operations by considering all possible network design, Load balancing, scalability, security, Failover, Speed, efficient network to handle future expansion.

In this fast-paced environment, the challenges and the risks are as great as the opportunities. Network investments are substantial and few IT departments can spare the time or staff resources needed to keep pace with the latest innovations in business networking. The architecture and design of these complex scalable, high-availability networks requires highly specialized skills and training, and most IT departments simply cannot afford to have these scarce resources staff full-time.

Stonebridge’s complete range of network consulting, technical, and managed support services can help you solve your network problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Our expert has highly skilled in with all platforms like cisco, juniper, Nokia, Ericson, Brocade, checkpoint firewall, F5 and all other network devices.

Our service offerings

  • Network consulting services
  • Network Configuration and implementation services
  • Network Architecture & Design services
  • Network Monitoring services
  • Managed Network services
  • NetOps services
  • 5G, SDN, SD-WAN, IOT services
  • Network Security consultancy services


Expert Views and Development Support

Cloud App Development Stonebridge is your partner. We use Agile development methodology extensively in every aspect of development, stay engaged with you, focused to meet your expectations and strive to exceed them. Our methodology includes providing you with metrics to track progress and performance and is tool centric.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app practice is designed around user centered, immersive UX with qualified UX experts. Our services are UX Strategy, design, ideation, prototyping, Appdev, backend engineering, Mobile App Security, Analytics and ASO. Our expertise in Mobile app development includes iOS, Android and React Native.

Do you wish to augment your team with specific skills or capacity?

Our partner engagement model is that of co-development, being your extended team that offers smart talent, up-to-date tech skills, best industry practice, development frameworks and relevant tools.



We identify the market’s top talent in our specialist fields of Cloud Engineering, Mobile Networking and Product Engineering with our years of experience and expertise in these sectors.

Stonebridge Technologies easily possesses the required expertise to become your staffing partner in the telecom network and mobile app development space. Whether you are a network company, tower company, OEM or carrier, we know how to find the people to make your work easy.

Hiring for the tech industry can be tricky. While there are many sub-divisions under one area and testing and measuring the competencies can be a difficult and long drawn out process. Our recruitment and staffing solutions have worked tirelessly with Cloud application development/integration and Mobile app development clients over a decade to amass the nuances to find the right fit.

Cloud Engineering

While cloud is the new buzzword, finding the right software engineers who can code on the serverless architecture and use various programs such as Dynamo DB vs. S3 or AWS services. We develop processes and selection services to create a streamlined and fast or selecting the right individuals or your firm.

Mobile Network Solution

Mobile development apps require varied programming skills and additional software and project management skills. We have the experts to understand the exact level of skills your company and team will require. Testing and deployment requires expert level candidates and we focus on bringing on quality.

Product Engineering

This is a much-advanced level of function which requires creative, design and analytical skills along with the required coding and programming. The product engineer has to work with the R & D wing and inventor/creator to bring the visions to reality. Thus, it’s a very important job to help you make your company products into sellable proof of concept. We look at candidates with various skills and filter every aspect to get the right fit.