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Challenges in A Successful Tech Hiring

Technology has revolutionized almost every industry of the economy. There is a requirement for more IT professionals with different skills than their availability. The IT field has been getting popularity more rapidly and meeting the increasing needs of the right professionals is a little tough. There are a number of qualified developers but it is not necessary that they will meet the requirements of your company.

Following are the tech recruiters’ greatest challenges:

1.     Traditional and non-traditional Developers

Around 74% of recruiters face this issue. Partly, this is due to unavailability of enough candidates for tech roles and partially due to lack of requisite tech skill, experience, academic qualification defined by companies. Companies need to remove IT 4-year-degree requirements. It will open the path to a huge number of possible candidates and may be well qualified for your company's requirements. Companies are increasingly offering internal training to non-traditional developers to fill tech positions.

2.     Pursue passive candidates

LinkedIn reports show that 70% of the tech workforce consists of candidates not actively seeking a new job. Here is the need of attracting them so that passive candidates consider the vacancy in your company. You need to understand their requirements other than higher pay like workplace culture, work from home, a project of their interest or facility of upskills by training. Use data analytics to find out their needs and interests. Stonebridge technologies will assist you in this.

3.     Interview process

The traditional interview process will not work to ascertain the tech qualifications you are looking for. You need the most effective techniques to find out the deserving candidate. Broaden your searching techniques to find the right candidates through multi-channel recruitment strategies.


4.     Time Frames

Candidates are not patient enough if the hiring process takes a long time and makes them feel invaluable. 57% of them are impatient and tend to move on to something else. You need to speed up the process. Do not let your company lose the best candidates. Automate the processes with Stonebridge technologies.

5.     Identifying Potential

Many candidates are best on papers but don’t have the required experience of work on coding problems. And there are many candidates without academic papers but have professional experience, you need to find out your requirement, you need a degree and certification or skilled candidates.

6.     Searching in the wrong places

You may explore different recruiting platforms like specialist forums, groups and social networking sites to find out tech specialists. Pick the best platforms to connect with people with programming and coding skills. It may be a long process without staffing professionals.

These are the common challenges faced by companies. Different companies have to tackle various challenges. It is a great start to get a leading staffing service provider like Stonebridge Technologies to help you in the search for the right talent.

Stonebridge Technologies is a leader in providing tech staffing services. It has expertise in a wide array of technologies in areas like cloud engineering, mobile network solutions, and product engineering and can take care of helping your team offer the best solution to your clients. 

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