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Finding the Right Match

Hiring is a time-consuming process. It is not that a company is short of choices – hiring professionals get to sift through a mountain of resumes for each open position. The problem lies with finding the right fit for your company. This becomes especially important for technology companies which have to look for individuals with specific and high degree skills.

The In order to make the right hiring decision, you company can consider the following pointers:

Conduct thorough verification: It is a sad truth that some applicants lie on their job applications or resumes in order to get hired. This can be checked by conducting a thorough background verification. Though this takes a lot of time and money, it is a cost worth bearing if you’re trying to find the right match for the job opening.

Go beyond personal interviews: Interviews are a great way to get to know the capabilities and aspirations of a candidate. However, not all people who interview well are good fits for the roles. Also, people who tend to get nervous during interviews may actually be great at technical skills which may not showcase well during the process. Hence, a company should look at the skills required for a particular role and then decide on the hiring process. Positions which majorly require technical expertise should put less weightage on in-person interviews while the opposite may be true for more client-facing roles.

Take cognizance of company culture while evaluation: While a candidate can read about your company history and culture, you know it better as you understand it. Also, a technically sound candidate can be a great hire, but if this candidate does not fit the way the company goes about its business, it can create problems throughout the team. A candidate which may be a little less skilled but a better match with the culture would be a better hire than a skilled but misfit candidate.

Clearly define expectations: If the job requires incessant travelling or long hours, it is better to lay it out clearly and ensure that candidates are aware of these expectations before they appear for interviews. This helps ensure easier adherence to these expectations later.

While these are core aspects to look at when finding the right match for your company, they may seem tedious to implement. That is why many companies are looking to complement their existing tech staff with augmentation teams.

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