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Need for Cybersecurity in Recruitments

Considering the biggest data breaches at major organizations around the world in 2018-2020, companies have started to take precautionary action to prevent breaches. Certainly, the recruitment industry is also not an exception of such breaches. It makes sense to adopt the endpoint cybersecurity and implement a host of controls to prevent potential cyberattacks and stealing of critical information.

Companies must update their cyber defenses from time to time. It becomes even more crucial for the prevention of soft targets like candidate/employee databases. Since companies keep improving their cyber defenses and make hackers limited for their attacks, it is impossible for them to access the company’s database directly. Therefore, they manipulate softer targets. Companies need to make enough efforts to educate their entire staff about cybercrime threats.

Role of HR in minimizing cyberattacks

With the increased risk of data breaches, the HR departments need to bear more responsibility than before. They deal with recruits and custodian of their critical information like data on family members, salaries, performance appraisals, religion, health and sexual orientation. It is necessary to follow strict procedures on how employee data will be collected, stored, analyzed and how these processes will be communicated to the employee. There must be protocols to follow if employee data is to be sent outside the organization.

Following are the techniques you can implement to make your HR teams expert to protect data against threats:

1.     Rigorous Training to the HR team

HR must be more specific to follow privacy protocols recruitment processes as they have user access. Provide training about recruitment procedures and protocols to be followed. You can educate every employee about cybersecurity in your company but limit their access to the areas they need. You can limit the use of personal devices like mobiles and laptops as a safety protocol.

2.     A system connecting IT and HR departments

No doubt, cybersecurity is the responsibility of IT experts. But, they can’t perform independently. They can not keep a check on each and everything that’s going on in your company. The best implementation will be a centralized system that connects all departments whether it is technology or HR or any other section in the company.

3.     Secured communication and VPN

To prevent leaking of information, you need a set up with secured plugins such as encrypted emails and Virtual Private Network (VPN). Communications during interviews must happen in a secured environment.

Hence, to avoid grievance, breach and redressal, there is a need for HR attention. If you want to employ candidates that are up to par with your high standards and technical requirements in this competitive era, Stonebridge Technologies is here to meet your requirements.

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