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Startups And Staff Augmentation Strategy

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy to hire IT personnel on a temporary basis whenever required to achieve the company’s goals. These are the personnel who complement existing teams with their specific talent and knowledge. It increases the effectiveness of business operations without much-increased staffing cost. The strategy is most popular in the IT sector due to their project-based needs. 

Staff augmentation strategy is suitable for startups and small businesses as they are limited to their capital. Before the discussion on suitability, let us discuss the advantages and drawbacks: 


  • Rapid access to personnel skilled in required technologies, sometimes from abroad also if it is not available locally

  • Enhances business capabilities with the expertise of a dedicated outsourced team

  • Considerable reduction in the staffing cost as compared to hiring staff directly 

  • No expenses on training and skill development

  • Resolves staff shortage issues in unexpected requirements

  • Flexibility to scale up or down

  • Access to quality resources to overcome short-term skill deficiencies

  • Ensures a project’s viability by channelising the most appropriate resources.


  • Although the staffing agency provides the best talent they find, there are potential risks of failures with the new staff members. And your IT staffing agency will not share any risk with you. 

  • The work will be slow until new members understand your company’s internal processes and protocols. 

  • It can take some time to find out the right staff augmentation agency for you.  

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing

Staff augmentation is different from project outsourcing. Using staff augmentation, you are paying for skilled resources and maintain control over them while working in your firm for the desired outcome. You are adding members to the already existing development team in your firm. The external team will be involved in in-house development activities.

Whereas with project outsourcing, you are paying for a predefined outcome. The external team will work separately from your firm to handle the development tasks you have assigned to them.

Staff Augmentation Benefits for Startups

The recruitment model is a perfect fit for startups and small businesses in terms of lower pricing and speedy access to desired skills. Following are the benefits of staff augmentation for startups: 

  • It removes the recruitment and legal burden on a firm.

  • You will find the right expertise at a reasonable price.

  • There will be reduced expenditures than recruiting and hiring processes.

  • The extended team makes the development process faster in a firm. 

  • You need not give up on direct control over the development process. 

These temporary positions are filled with the help of staffing agencies. If you are looking for the right staffing partner, contact Stonebridge Technologies.

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