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Cloud Migration - An Introduction

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the adoption of cloud computing and cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet. Cloud migration can be defined as the process of moving data and applications to a cloud environment from an on-premise or legacy infrastructure or local data centre of an organisation. It is a complex combination of management and technology that requires a well-defined plan to be implemented.

Cloud platforms can be a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. Cloud to cloud transfer is also known as cloud migration. The public is available for many users. A private is a proprietary architecture cloud that keeps data within the data centre. The hybrid model is the mix of public and private cloud to transfer the data between the two.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

The benefits of cloud migration include -

1.     Enhanced Security

Cloud storage is more secure than on-premise data centres. Cloud service providers keep updating their mechanisms regularly to ensure high security of data. The authorized access to data can be limited as per the requirement.

2.     Cost Saving

Cloud Migration curtails operational cost as compared to manage a physical data centre. Cloud service providers upgrade these online data centres for a minimal cost. Therefore you do not need to spend on a dedicated technical team.

3.     Fast Processes

Cloud services make companies progress faster on projects. It also makes it easier to adapt to new applications faster as companies are adopting new technologies to be in the line with competitiveness.

4.     Greater Flexibility and Better Performance

Cloud services are automated and flexible to be deployed, updated, or fix issues with any of the processes in the business. It is a more flexible solution than on-site storage.

5.     Automatic Backup

Backup is one of the important advantages of cloud computing. It is very important if a company requires disaster recovery from an unexpected closedown of equipment. Your logs may have some critical information that can be found back.

These are only a few advantages of cloud migration. There are many other advantages that will help to increase operational efficiency in a business. Despite its long history, companies still consider it confusing to start from. They do not have an idea of which application and data to move and when. It is a complex and inevitable process in the present digital world and requires a professional way to execute the planning of data migration. Here is the support for you - the Stonebridge Technologies.

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