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Introduction to Cloud Computing Frameworks and Standards

Cloud computing has the ability to completely revolutionize traditional computing. It can be a valuable asset to companies if used correctly and help them save resources, reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure the safety of their data. Before venturing into cloud computing, it is important to know about how it operates and what are its frameworks and standards. Let us explore all of these in this article.

What is a cloud security framework?

Cloud security frameworks are rules, regulations, and security measures that are applied and enforced upon cloud environments. They define the specific set of guidelines that are used while using or interacting with cloud-based systems. Some common security frameworks that encompass all of technology and are also applicable to the cloud include:

  • COBIT for Governance

  • SABSA for Architecture

  • ISO/IEC 27001 for Management Standards

  • NIST's Cybersecurity Framework

Popular cloud-specific frameworks include:

  • Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

  • ISO/IEC 27017:2015

  • FedRAMP

These frameworks are widely used and are useful to customers as well as those who provide cloud services.

How are cloud security frameworks useful?

Having a cloud security framework allows both Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) as well as cloud consumers to have a set of guidelines that they can refer to, for various cloud-based practices. An organization can have almost unlimited security measures in place when it comes to cloud-based environments in order to protect its data. Frameworks can also help in a better evaluation of cloud security. They reduce time and increase efficiency on both the CSP as well as the customer side as a well-formed security framework alleviates the need to perform manual checks on customer activity by the CSPs and offer a safe and sound environment for the customers.

How to choose a cloud security framework?

The procedure for acquiring and adopting a cloud security framework is quite simple. It is important to note that the most suitable cloud security framework would be different for a customer than for a cloud service provider (CSP). As a customer, you have to consider the needs and requirements of the company and the broader scope of integrating a cloud security framework. Fedramp is highly recommended along with ISO/IEC 27017 if the business is familiar with controls from ISO/IEC 27002. As a Cloud Service Provider, it is important to recognize the markets that are serviced by you before making the choice. FedRamp, ISO/IEC, CAIQ(built of CCM) are highly recommended.


Cloud computing is here to stay. It ensures that your organization has the best possible security framework that can go a long way in preventing security problems in the future.

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