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Network Design And Its Best Practices

Network design is the planning phase before the implementation of the IT infrastructure in a company. It is the process of evaluating the best possible path to link all network devices like routers, switches, servers to desktops, laptops, and printers. The task is completed by network designers, engineers, IT administrators to make the connection as efficiently as possible to increase operational efficiency in a company.

Network design is a complex process represented as a network diagram. It is the blueprint required to implement the network diagram physically.

A network design mainly includes:

  • A clear and logical map of the network

  • Cabling structure and layout

  • The type and number of routers, switches, servers required

  • IP address structure to connect with Network security architecture and the processes

  • The list may go up with numbers as per the scale of the business.

The heart of a network design is an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. There is a total of seven layers in the model that describes how computer systems and other devices communicate over a network.

Importance of Network Design

In the modern era, the IT infrastructure is the backbone of a company, regardless of its operational size. It connects all the computers and other devices with IT related devices. You should know how your hardware communicates and its impact also. An efficient IT infrastructure allows your staff to work more efficiently. Thus, an effective network design is necessary. It will be the foundation of effective network monitoring in your business.

Without knowing how your network components work together, service quality maintenance will be an extremely tough task. Therefore, you must follow the best practices for a perfect network design.

Best Practices for a Network Design

The way a network is designed affects the monitoring, troubleshooting and overall output of a business. Here are the best practices that will help you to have the best network design possible for the better performance of your company.

1.     Align with your future growth plans

Every application of new software requires processing power, solid-state drives and space for storage therefore it impacts the performance of your network design. Whenever you want a new addition, take time to find out the way it will impact the IT infrastructure in your company. You should consider your future plans for business growth while getting your network designing done.

2.     The foremost embed - security

Network security is not something that can be left out to be considered later. There should be planned segregation between the employees, suppliers, and customers at the network they are connected through. It will help to prevent any potential cyber-attack at every level of your network.

3.     Monitor your network infrastructure

As technology evolves, you require new solutions. Monitor your network design to know if there is a need for up-gradation to provide you with competitive advantages.

Thus, if you have only a few devices to connect all, the network design is pretty simple and it’s easy to link all your devices. Remember everything that is added to or removed from a network impacts a network’s performance and when it is about a number of devices, it becomes more complex.

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