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Organizations moving to the cloud for data storage and security purposes

Cloud computing is rapidly gaining popularity as its diverse functionality and ability to enhance the efficiency of any organization is in high demand. This can be attributed largely to the recent leaps in technological advancements combined with the new norm of work from home that the Covid 19 pandemic has installed. Let us explore the reasons why organizations are moving to cloud computing:

1.     Saves Resources:

Cloud computing alleviates the burden on an organization's resources as it is comparatively less expensive than investing in physical computing infrastructure. Furthermore, it does not require any extra storage space or other physical resources which further helps keep costs down.

2.     Efficiency:

Unlike having computers or servers, cloud computing does not require physical resources or space. This also allows for its expansion or modification in a matter of a few clicks and key presses. It is also free from traditional storage problems such as running out of space for example for the very same reasons.

3.     Offers Collaboration Facilities:

Cloud computing allows members of the organization to work on a single document or file from separate locations. This makes collaborating on projects easier as the file or documents are updated in real time. This also allows for a flexible approach to work as employees can work from home at any time suitable to them and collaborate on different projects at their convenience.

4.     Security:

The security in a cloud computing system is much stronger than traditional means of storage. Not only that, there can be varying levels of access that can be granted for a particular file that restricts the possibility of data being breached. Not only that, but encryption is a key part of cloud storage instead of being an extra purchase or add-on.

5.     Hosting Applications is Simplified:

Cloud apps do not need to be manually updated in every computer that accesses them. Patching, bug fixing, updating, troubleshooting all happens on the cloud itself and all that's required for a person to access these apps is a browser. This also reduces the burden on an IT team which would have to constantly monitor and maintain all traditional computing devices by doing virus checks, updates, and cleanup on each individual unit.


Cloud computing has the ability to drastically alter the way organizations have been operating so far. The reasons mentioned above make it a valuable asset that can make the business more efficient, save resources, promote collaboration, offer security and much more.

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