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We help companies find the right talent and individuals find the right job in the Telecom and IT industry.

We at Stonebridge Technologies, follow the three-rule path of screening and hiring the best of candidates for our clients - Sourcing, Screening, Selection. Sourcing is one aspect of screening itself as the source of candidates itself is a function of appropriate screening. While screening through the human eye can be a task and not entirely thorough - we employ AI based software to ensure these aspects get screened by a minimal criterion - academic background, professional achievement, work experience, knowledge base, skills, behavior-indicative traits, personality and competencies.

The uniqueness of our approach lies in the fact that our Learning & Development (L&D) team also looks at the level of expertise while resume screening and creates standard and dynamic screening tests to ensure the right candidates as per psychological intelligence are hired for each type of function. Our L&D team not only focuses on the subject matter expertise but also on emotional and team playing and building skills

We are affiliated with industry -wise experts who have seen the growth and changes in various verticals. Thus, approval of candidates by our L&D team is your trustworthy first step of screening clients as per set protocol.

Our priority of screening criteria is speed and timely filing of the position so your work doesn't stop. Along with it the criteria are as follows-

  • 1. First Screening - Initial screening as per set parameters for the job by the AI based software
  • 2. Second Screening – Manual Skills assessment through interview and video chat
  • 3. Final Screening - final talk and negotiation with the selected candidate

Stonebridge Technologies has strong experience in the telecom and IT industry. Our team has strong network in the industry and we understand the technology landscape and what the market trends are.

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