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Deciding the Right Tech Augmentation

Rapid technological advancements have prompted startups to be competitive by fulfilling the high tech needs of their clients. Online competitiveness too has gained traction with a rise in technological innovation and digitalization. However, startups often struggle to design their website, update their web and mobile applications, and provide high quality user-experience.

Hence, there is a huge demand for high quality development teams in startups. These teams comprise tech workers who are up-to-date on the new technologies and programming languages. Moreover, they need to have a steep learning curve to keep pace with the constant technological upgradations.

The apt solution for changing technology demands is tech augmentation. Tech staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that enhances productivity, reduces software development project time, and saves costs. Moreover, it gives the flexibility of contractual hiring.

Criteria for deciding right Tech augmentation

1.     Project duration

Tech augmentation model works best for short duration projects, the ideal timeline being six months. If your existing staff is already working overtime, then completing the project within agreed timelines may be difficult. Moreover, hiring full-time employees is a time-consuming process especially when project duration is short.

In such a scenario, tech augmentation will allow you to hire temporary staff. The project gets completed within stipulated deadlines and there are no delays in the project launch date too.

2.     Hiring costs

Usually, the training and recruitment costs of new full-time employees is high. Sometimes, the project requires specialized skill sets which your existing staff may not have. You can solve these problems by opting for tech augmentation.

Tech augmentation allows you to hire specialists for a short-period at a reasonable price. Moreover, you need to incur recruitment costs only till a project lasts. You can also get experts on board in the final stages of your development project for product testing before launch.

Hence, unless you require permanent staff for very long durations, you can reduce hiring costs significantly with tech augmentation.

3.     Access to global talent pool

If you wish to reduce project cost by hiring temporary staff from low-cost locations or local talent is unavailable, then tech augmentation gives you access to a global talent pool. Firms no longer have limited options and can spread their wings to find the best-fit through tech augmentation.

Based on the above factors, you can decide the right tech augmentation. Tech augmentation not only ensures quick service delivery but also gives the much-needed administrative support to startups. It removes legal burden too. Thus, startups can focus on their core business. Thus, it is a flexible, time-saving, and cost-efficient model for startups.

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