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Tech sector hiring is on the rise! Here are the key skills a company requires

The IT sector has been for many years an essential part of the economy. Over the years, it has seen a steady rise in its demand. This steady rise was accelerated in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic which forced people into using more technology to do their work, opening up more avenues for freelancers and installing a new norm of work-from-home jobs. As the world’s landscape has changed into a more digital one, the recruitment for IT professionals is ever increasing in almost every field. Let us look at a few skills and specializations that are of high value currently.

Key Skills an IT company requires:

1.     Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

ML & AI are some of the most sought-after skills in an IT professional as their applications are not limited to any particular industry. They are widely used for purposes such as social media, education, entertainment, healthcare, etc.

2.     Programming:

The backbone of the digital landscape is the various apps, software, and websites that are used daily, be it for work, leisure, or fitness. Thus, there is a never-ending demand for skilled workers in the app development, web development, coding, and programming field.

3.     Cloud Computing:

As a business scales, its workload and resources increase. Having powerful tools that increase efficiency and make the business adapt faster while reducing operating costs can be of extreme importance for the success of a scaling business. Cloud Computing provides not only this, but many more facilities also to support a growing business. Hence, the demand for this particular skill is high and can reap promising rewards if acquired.

4.     UI/UX Design:

In conjunction with the above skills that help create the tools of the digital world, it is also important for the apps, websites, and software to have an inviting interface that pleases the users and makes accessibility easier. UI/UX jobs have been growing in popularity among not only app development companies but also with those focusing on their internet presence and website visuals.

5.     Cybersecurity:

A company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Having a secure data system that can withstand malicious software and defend against breaches and hacks is an absolute requirement. Hence, IT professionals can find lucrative work in cybersecurity firms.

6.     Blockchain:

Blockchain is a new and emerging technology that is projected to completely revolutionize the way the internet works. There are various niches under the blockchain umbrella that can offer IT professionals a place.


Along with the above-mentioned skills, it is also advised to develop soft skills as employers are often looking for well-rounded and competent workers.

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