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The roles needed to maximize your organization's investment in cloud

Cloud Computing has enabled business organizations to reduce costs drastically by allowing them to host their work online and eliminating the need for investing in their own computer infrastructure. In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, cloud computing has been growing rapidly and has been adopted by various companies. Adapting to cloud computing can be a daunting task. Let us explore what roles are required to create, maintain and successfully manage a secure cloud computing system that can provide a strong technological edge to your business and increase the efficiency of its operations.

A strong cloud computing strategy will involve a network of highly skilled people with specialized skill sets working together in unique roles and perfect harmony. The most crucial roles to any cloud computing system are:

1.     Cloud Architects:

Architects fulfill the role of envisioning the cloud computing system. They are often the ones that deal with clients and help them design a cloud computing system that suits the needs of the company.

2.     Cloud Engineers:

It is up to the engineers to create the system that the architects have designed and envisioned. Cloud Engineers are often those that lay down the building blocks of a cloud computing system.
Architects and Engineers are commonly misunderstood as being one and the same, but having them in separate roles as mentioned above can make for a smooth and efficient distribution of labor.

3.     Compliance Personnel:

Compliance personnel include the people who fulfill the regulatory role in a cloud computing system. Often the cloud computing system of an organization will come in contact with third parties and this is where compliance personnel enforce relevant rules and take necessary measures to ensure a safe and sound exchange of data.

4.     Product Management:

This role is fulfilled by the entrepreneurs of the cloud computing world. The work of architects and engineers would be obsolete if not for product managers. Product managers are those that find new and innovative ways to generate income and revenue for the company. They have a keen knowledge of cloud computing systems and can come from any background, be it business or technical side of cloud computing itself.


Having a cloud computing strategy with the aforementioned roles will surely provide a stable foundation to a business as it ventures into the world of cloud computing. Individuals interested in the cloud computing sector can work upon mastering one or more of these roles as employers are always seeking highly skilled and capable employees.

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