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Top 5 Challenges In The Telecom Industry in 2021

In times of crisis, users want fast and seamless data connections, especially in the present era where work from home is the necessity of time. There is a need for communication at a faster pace than ever. Therefore, they can not tolerate network issues and want immediate resolutions.

To meet the users’ demands and stay on top of the competition, companies in the telecom industry. They need to realign their business strategies using artificial intelligence to be more digital service providers than just telcos. They are adopting innovative technologies to ensure a secured network. Therefore, the telecom industry may face a number of challenges in terms of operations, planning and customer services. The top 5 challenges that the telecom industry is facing are as follows:

1.     5G Adoption

The uninterrupted 5G coverage is the new vision of the telecom industry. There is a hundredfold increase in the devices to provide 5G services for better networks and ultra-low. Telecom companies need to engage with enterprises, users, governments, and various other groups more regularly.

2.     Complex Operational Processes

With the increasing number of products and users demanding customized solutions, operational processes like service configuration, order fulfilment, invoicing and payments are more challenging now. And when there is no face-to-face assistance, it increases the complexity furthermore.

3.     Personalized Customer Service

Telecom companies are receiving millions of customer requests every day due to the non-serviceable physical stores. Fast and empathetic customer assistance becomes an issue. It can ruin a telecom company’s relationship with a user.

4.     Security

In 2021, the demand for better security has been increased at an even greater scale after the sudden trend of digitisation. The ignorance may give an opportunity to cybercriminals to steal data.

5.     Security vs Transparency

Besides security, telecoms need to be transparent with their clients that makes the security practices more complex in the accelerated digital transformation journey.

The Solution

There is a need for synchronised technological advancements to improve telecom services. Cloud-based technology and APIs are taking over the industry. They need to increase the reliability as well as practical through -

  • Automated customer services to simplify support systems for users.

  • Fast apps to develop immediate and one-to-one communications.

  • Cloud platforms to improve the ability to monitor data in real-time.

Thus, the telecom industry needs to find solutions to suit the cloud-focused communities to embrace opportunities in the new environment of 5G and Artificial intelligence. The veteran Stonebridge Technologies is here to support you to solve all your technological issues.

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