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Top Tech Skills for 2021

Technology development is an on-going process. New tech skills keep on adding to the list of demanding skills from year to year. Employers want upskilled candidates with trending technical skills in their companies because of healthy competition in the technological sector. Here are a few tech skills in demand this year:

1.     AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of AI that can access data and use it to learn itself. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can be said as the number one emerging jobs as these are reforming industries continuously. The tech hiring in these fields is on the rise worldwide. Artificial Intelligence Specialist has been the job this year and one of the emerging jobs as per LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report. Most demanding skills across AI and Machine Learning in 2021 are sure to be Python, Natural Language Processing, Java, and TensorFlow.

2.     Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Demand for technical professionals skilled in AR and VR, collectively called Extended Reality (XR), is predicted to sky-high this year and beyond. XR technology is to be adopted more and more by major industries like entertainment, video game companies, health and education as well.

3.     Cloud Computing

This is evolving technology and more and more businesses are adopting it for their data storage to make it more accessible from anywhere. This is demanding technology as a result of remote working. Cloud storage is one of the most important benefits of cloud computing. The demand for tech roles in cloud technologies is set to accelerate this year also.

4.     IT automation

IT automation offers a number of benefits such as increased production rates, optimized use of materials, better safety, reduced manual intervention and errors, reduced lead times, worker safety etc. Automating an industrial operation. It defines business processes. It ensures workers’ safety because of the easy finding of error-prone parts. To increase productivity, every company wants to replace repeatable processes and hence, adopt the technology.

5.     DevOps and Cybersecurity

Technology also has threats of security and requires cybersecurity, information security, network security. Organizations need a security system before automation and cloud services. So that they can keep their networks, customer and user information secured from attacks. A tech professional with DevOps is more valuable in the top technology trends in 2021.


Other skills to be in demand this year are Quantum Computing and its applications, Internet of Things and tools for telecommunications infrastructure, Fintech skills like blockchain to make businesses more efficient and secure.

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