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Worried About Success of Your Digital Transformation! Here are the veterans

In this modern era, it is not an option but an essential requirement for businesses to be digitized. This need was further increased in the wake of the pandemic where traditional means of business were disrupted. Evolving a business to fit the digital landscape of the modern era can be a daunting task, hence it helps to take notes from organizations that have successfully managed the process of digital transformation. Here are some prime examples:

1.     Coca-Cola

This multinational brand adopted digital means early on. It focused on changing the way both internal and external affairs were conducted. Internally, Coca-Cola used robotics and Machine Learning technology to process documents. This helped them scan and exchange documents with high accuracy and without any errors. They also adopted a roadmap that covered experiential, operational, cultural, and business parameters. This enabled them to adapt to consumer trends and decrease the marketing time for products, further boosting sales.

2.     IKEA

IKEA is a well-known furniture brand that allows consumers to browse and purchase its products which are stored in large warehouses all over the globe. As the pandemic reduced the accessibility to these, the organization quickly adapted itself for digital distribution. First, it purchased Taskrabbit that reduces the burden of people who dislike assembling IKEA furniture. After that, it ventured into the Smart Home sector and hence, kept the business going.

3.     Chipotle

Digital Transformation in the fast-food sector may come as a surprise to many but the Chipotle brand experienced a 152% rise in the stock price in the short span of 17 months after they began their digital journey. The secret to their success was adding a new delivery system of pick-up shelves that considerably reduced the time in which the customers received their orders. Furthermore, it sped up the drive-through experience using the digital app which increased the overall turnover of the company.

4.     Microsoft

Microsoft being a tech company has always managed to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Under the management of Satya Nadella, the company’s cloud computing capabilities were enriched and made it one of the key players with its cutting-edge Azure cloud computing service. Office 365 remains a monument in cloud computing to this way, allowing users to seamlessly use its services over multiple devices.


New and innovative ways of integrating technology with business are being explored every day. As shown above, no matter which sector a business is in, it can profit immensely by undergoing a digital transformation.

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