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Tips For Remote Hiring For Tech Roles

Remote hiring has gained momentum in 2020 across all functional roles and is likely to become the new norm post-pandemic. Top tech companies have already given their approval for remote hiring. Just like work-from-home, remote hiring is the need of time and rapidly on the increase worldwide.

Google has now permanently embraced a ‘remote-first’ model. Twitter, Coinbase, and Square have also allowed their workforce to continue with work from home forever. 

Most companies have started recruiting tech staff through the convenient remote hiring process. Though, undoubtedly, technology helps organizations to effectively conduct remote hiring, collaboration issues and finding the right pool of candidates are issues which can easily be resolved using the following strategies for remote hiring in a company: 

1. The right recruiting tools and programs

To streamline the remote staffing workflow, HR heads need the right recruiting tools. A lot of software and tools are available in the market for recruitment processes. You need to choose the right one and understand these tools based on advanced technology to save your valuable time as there is an increased staffing volume by a few recruiters.

To select the right recruitment tool, you need to define the challenges. Layout your recruitment goals and find out if your recruitment technology is outdated or enough to meet your goals. In this way, you will be able to identify and compare the features offered by different recruitment software. For instance, you may require a tool to access and evaluate some skills of the candidate in real-time but remotely.

2. Source the right tech candidates  

HR heads need expanded strategies to hire employees remotely as remote staffing provides a pool of tech-candidates as compared to local staffing. To have a star-studded remote team, follow these suggestions: 

  • Former candidates and employee referrals are considerable. 

  • Tech communities are full of potential candidates who are waiting to be discovered.

  • Conduct virtual hackathons to spot the toppers in competitive programming as good developers like competing.

  • Conduct virtual job fairs to meet great developers.

  • Encourage your on-job developers to share their upskilled work. 

Other than these, collaborate with hiring managers during the recruitment process to hire the right talent for the highly competitive tech industry.

3. Know the developer prospect 

HR heads need to understand the developers’ prospect to keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process so that they can be successful in skill-based tech hiring. They can check the upskill and productivity scope for applicants through proper engagement. Latest surveys and reports on the developers would help HR professionals.

Staffing professionals understand the different requirements of different companies and can help you to find the right tech talent remotely. 

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