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Building Talent Acquisition Analytics Function

Nearly 74% of employers find that they've hired the wrong person for a job post. Here is the solution for you. Talent acquisition analytics (recruitment analytics) can help you to check bad hiring. It is the data-driven recruiting and HR professionals do not focus on just filling a post but the company’s strategic goals are also in their mind. So leveraging data is the technique that HR professionals use to recruit and hire a good fit for a company.

Let us understand the process of building a talent acquisition analytics function and the future impact of digital analytics on recruitments.

1.     Data Discovery

You are drowning in an ocean of tremendous information. When setting up an analytics function, you need to extract extraordinary information from multiple sources from all sources across the organization and specify the information that is statistically relevant for the hiring process. This gathered data and knowledge will not be helpful in defining hiring patterns only but for job marketing campaigns also.

2.     Building Master Data

You have tremendous relevant data, now the task is massive cleanup of the extracted data so that you can organize and structure it effectively in a consistent format. It is the master data that will be used to create basic reports in the hiring process. The right technology can help you a lot to structure and cleanse the data.

3.     Visualizing Data

A data visualization tool can provide powerful insights as this step involves comparing various geographies, businesses, job positions etc so that you can find out problematic areas and its root causes. Right visualization makes identifying trends and patterns easy by examining various dimensions of recruitment key metrics like time to hire, candidates per hire, etc.

4.     Predictive Stage

At this stage, machine learning can help you to enhance the prediction accuracy of hiring outcomes with your decisions using statistical techniques like regression, correlation, and hypothesis testing. Invest in a good AI tool in coding capability.

Benefits of Talent Acquisition Analytics Function

Following are the positive impacts of recruitment analytics:

Develop Candidates’ Persona

It helps in developing a candidate persona as per their requirement so that HR teams can find candidates with similar characteristics, specific skills, education, and experience when making hiring decisions.

Target Candidates

Identify the right types of candidates to match their requirements, recruiters need to connect with them. Data will help you to figure out where the targeted candidates will be found. You can post your job ads where they will see them. Craft the job description to suit the personality of the candidates you want to allure.

Tailor Benefits for Candidates

You can allure candidates in your top choices to join your company. You need to tailor and match the benefits as per their individual values, personality, and behaviors. Let’s say a candidate is introvert in nature. Introverted personality would like quiet environments to work in therefore may grab the opportunity to work from home. An appealing job description will help you to attract them to apply for a job in your company.

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