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Cloud Migration - Challenges In The Process

Cloud migration is the digital transformation of a business. It is the process of data and application transfer from on-premises to the cloud. It is not just cost-effective but reduces the workload also in an organization with automated processes. It is a complex process consisting of evaluating security requirements, selecting a cloud service provider, various calculations to make it cost-effective, and reorganizing business processes if necessary.

For an effective cloud migration, professionals need to handle some challenges in the process with well-defined strategies. Here are some of these challenges and the techniques to make the process smooth:

1.     The financial cost of the migration

Cloud computing may become an expensive uphill battle without a clear vision and projection of the potential financial cost. The forecast depends on how much data you want to move. It is a challenge at almost every stage of cloud migration. Major costs of migration include rewriting applications to make them cloud compatible, tools requirements for a successful migration, training cost of employees for new systems, bandwidth costs, etc. Only a financially sustained strategy can make cloud migration cost-effective.

2.     Breaking down the cloud migration into stages

You need to understand that everything can not be moved on the cloud platform in the one go. There is the need to break down the migration process into stages. Most businesses are in a hurry to migrate their data to the cloud, but there is the need to find out which data should be moved over first. Do you know migrating non-essential or redundant data first is good general practices to start over the process! It will be like a testing phase; you don't want to take risk on your company's sensitive data directly, right!

3.     Scrutinization of on-premises applications

All applications are not a good fit for cloud migration. IT techs need to scrutinize every on-premises application to move them to a cloud environment. It is a time taking process.

4.     Adoption resistance

Cloud migration is said to be successful if an organization's people adapt to the changing working environment. A cloud migration makes a lot of change and significant disruption, especially new systems and processes. If people are resisted to adopt the changes, it will become a big issue for the organization. To overcome this issue, training and even leadership can work successfully.

5.     Cloud Security

It is a challenging task and a top priority in every organization when they adopt new technologies. If the cloud service provider is experienced enough in the industry, your cloud operations will flourish with high security. You do not need to worry. Before any action, a provider informs you about the encryption of your incoming and outgoing data so that you know where your data is stored and how safe it is. Many businesses make security a barrier that prevents them from adopting cloud technology. Instead, they need to approach a trustworthy service provider. One of such experienced and dedicated cloud service providers is Stonebridge technologies.

Stonebridge is experienced enough in the industry to face such challenges efficiently. Have an appointment for cloud computing services.

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